StandOut Search is a startup funded by the University of Chicago and The University of Illinois that provides a free search platform helping Illinois high school students find internships and volunteering opportunities. Our goal is to be the number one place Illinois high schoolers across backgrounds go to find career-development opportunities.

Our Story


Founded in 2020 by two University of Chicago students, Estelle and Lauren, StandOut Search started out working with top public schools in New York, such as Rye High School, to match their students with internships. However, throughout the pandemic, they soon realized that Illinois high school students had a much greater need for career-development opportunities and fewer resources to find them. Thus, they turned back West, partnering with their alma mater to bring StandOut Search to Illinois. 

To date, they have worked with over 200 companies and organizations, and completed over 100 successful internship matches. 80% of participating students have reported that they better understand their career goals after completing a StandOut internship. They have learned everything from investor recruiting to software development skills, and effectively managing their time. 

As for our partner companies and organizations, 90% have invited students to continue working with them past the originally intended internship length. StandOut interns have helped them with projects ranging from researching cryptocurrency, to creating student ambassador programs.


Meet the team

Estelle Reardon, Chief Executive Officer

Estelle Reardon

Chief Executive Officer

Estelle interned for two Venture Capital firms before founding StandOut Search. Now she is a student at Chicago Booth School of Business, where she is concentrating in entrepreneurship. She hopes that StandOut Search can help other students discover their areas of passion from a young age through internships.

Lauren Cecchini, Chief Operations Officer

Lauren Cecchini

Chief Operations Officer

Before StandOut Search, Lauren worked in the UChicago admissions office and served as the president of LegUp, a nonprofit that helps low-income students apply to college. In her work, she has seen first-hand how much of a difference pursuing internships you are passionate about can make in college admissions. 

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