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We are a free search platform funded by the University of Chicago that helps Illinois high school students find internships and volunteering opportunities. 

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Our goal is to provide opportunities that were previously only available to college students to ambitious high schoolers. Most of our opportunities are at startups and nonprofits we source through partnerships with Chicago accelerators and incubators.


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What Our Students Say

Through StandOut Search, I was able to find an amazing internship that pushed me to explore my interests, while also enhancing my resumé for colleges. During my interview for Dartmouth, I was able to confidently speak on my career aspirations and elaborate on my prior experience in that field, both of which were made possible through my internship. A big thank you to StandOut Search for all their help getting me into my dream college!

Rhea Donohue
Dartmouth College, Class of 2025

After applying to what felt like a million jobs and internships only to have them tell me to come back when I’m finally 18, StandOut Search was exactly what I needed! As a high school senior, having easy access to many amazing opportunities (that employ high schoolers) all in one platform was super nice.

Cathrina Rudolph-Math
Columbia University, Class of 2025

I am really grateful for StandOut search for helping me to find an internship which encompassed many of my interests as well as introduced many new ones. Due to the pandemic, I was having a challenging time finding a convenient internship in something I was interested in. StandOut helped me to find the Media Literacy Project internship, through which I expanded my writing skills while researching how we are shaped by the media. StandOut is a great resource for anyone who wants to find a worthwhile internship.

Sophie Magalhaes
Oxford University, Class of 2025

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