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To date, they have worked with over 200 companies and organizations, and completed over 100 successful internship matches. 80% of participating students have reported that they better understand their career goals after completing a StandOut internship. They have learned everything from investor recruiting to software development skills, and effectively managing their time. 

What Our Students Have To Say

After applying to what felt like a million jobs and internships only to have them tell me to come back when I’m finally 18, StandOut Search was exactly what I needed! As a high school senior, having easy access to many amazing opportunities (that employ high schoolers) all in one platform was super nice. 

Cathrina Rudolph-Math

Columbia University, Class of 2025

As an international student, I always found myself unable to find opportunities within my interests. With StandOut Search not only did I find the right internship, but I learned critical skills like formatting a resume, which will benefit me throughout my high school career and beyond.

Ana Sofía Santamaría 

Current High School Student

Through StandOut Search, I was able to find an amazing internship that pushed me to explore my interests, while also enhancing my resumé for colleges. During my interview for Dartmouth, I was able to confidently speak on my career aspirations and elaborate on my prior experience in that field, both of which were made possible through my internship. A big thank you to StandOut Search for all their help getting me into my dream college!!

Rhea Donohue

Dartmouth College, Class of 2025

StandOut gave me a list of incredible opportunities and matched me with a company in less than a month.

Maria Brito

Current High School Student

I am really grateful for StandOut search for helping me to find an internship which encompassed many of my interests as well as introduced many new ones. Due to the pandemic, I was having a challenging time finding a convenient internship in something I was interested in. StandOut helped me to find the Media Literacy Project internship, through which I expanded my skills of writing whilst researching interesting new topics about how we are shaped by the media. StandOut is a great resource for anyone who wants to find a worthwhile internship. 

Sophie Magalhaes 

Oxford University, Class of 2025

I really enjoyed working with Standout Search. I really appreciated my StandOut Consultant replying and answering all my questions within hours of sending her an email. 

Kirti Kande

Current High School Student

As an intern at LegUP, my main project I worked on was creating a guidebook for new members. In addition to this, I enjoyed collaborating with current exec members on smaller projects and attending LegUP’s weekly meetings. Throughout my internship, I learned a lot about the important work LegUP does in mentoring high school students and helping them apply to college. I really enjoyed my time at LegUp! 

Catharina Ausfahl

Johns Hopkins University, Class of 2025 

Finding an internship with StandOut was so amazing and full of opportunities. There were a lot of internships across interests and they helped me all along the way which I’m really thankful for!


Current High School Student

I had a wonderful experience with StandOut. My Career Consultant was amazing at giving advice, very understanding when issues happened, and super sweet.


Current High School Student


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