Instructions for Students

Welcome to StandOut Search! This page will describe your journey through our program and answer any questions you may have about how getting matched with an opportunity works! Currently, we are accepting applications on a rolling basis until June 5th for our Spring/Summer cohort. We encourage students to apply early to receive the greatest selection of opportunities.


Program Timeline

These are the general requirements of the program. Failing to meet these deadlines will result in your removal from the program.

  • Step 1: Student fills out application and parent signs the parental consent form 
  • Step 2: Within 2 weeks, students receive an application decision from StandOut Search 
  • Step 3: Within 1 week the student fills out their opportunity list 
  • Step 4: Within 1 week the student completes the training module 
  • Step 5: Within 3 weeks the student will receive an email from StandOut with their opportunity match 
  • Step 6: Within 2 days the student responds saying they are still interested in the opportunity
  • Step 7: Within 1 week the opportunity will set up a time to interview the student 
  • Step 8: Within 1 week after the interview the opportunity will let the student know if they are accepted
  • Step 9: Within 1 week after the opportunity accepts the student, the student must accept or decline the position
  • Step 10: Within 1 week post acceptance, the student must complete the StandOut Search off-boarding process


Step 1: Fill Out the Application

The first step in the process is to fill out our application. Once on the application, please answer all relevant questions, including your parent’s full name and email address. After you fully submit your application (including making sure you parent signs the parental consent form), we will let you know within two weeks if you are accepted into the program. 

Questions About Step 1

  • Why do you need my parent’s name and email address?

    Before being accepted into the program, StandOut Search wants to be sure that a parent/guardian understands and agrees to our procedures. We also want to make sure that they know the various responsibilities you have when joining our program.

  • I want to learn more about the additional college search resources that you mentioned.

    That’s great to hear! The best way to participate and learn more is to click on the buttons below. 

  • I haven’t heard back about my application and I submitted it over a week ago.

    There may be a number of reasons why this is the case. The first is that StandOut Search has received a large amount of applications and is still deciding on whether to accept you to the program. Once an application is fully submitted, you will hear back within 2 weeks. 

    The second is that you have not fully submitted your application. Please check with your parents on whether they signed and submitted the parental consent form through DocuSign. 

    The third is that you have already received your decision status. Please check your spam and inbox account for any emails from StandOut Search regarding your application decision. Remember that the email you submitted on your application is the email that StandOut Search will use to communicate with you.

    If it has been over 2 weeks since your parent has submitted the parental consent form and you checked that your decision status is not in the spam of the email address you provided to us, please contact us here for assistance.

  • Why was I not accepted into the program?

    There are a number of decision factors that StandOut Search uses to determine our program participants. Currently, we are also only accepting a limited number of applications to participate in our beta program. If you are still interested in being matched with an internship or volunteer position please apply again for our next cohort! Please check our homepage for when applications will open.


Step 2: Choose Your Opportunities

Within two weeks after fully submitting your application, you will receive an acceptance email or an email encouraging you to apply again in the future. Future application dates will be posted on our website. If you received an acceptance email-congratulations! In your acceptance email, there will be information about the rest of the program including deadlines for when you need to submit information. Please read this information carefully as if you do not abide by those requirements you will not be able to participate in the program. The first deadline is to fill out your opportunity list. You will have one week after you received your acceptance email to claim your spot in the program by filling out your list.

In your acceptance email you will receive a link to our opportunity board. Once on the opportunity board you will see all of our opportunities that are currently available. Feel free to use the filters, search, or scroll through the opportunities. Make sure to click on the opportunity to learn more about it, the qualifications required, and what they are looking for in an intern or volunteer. Below are more detailed instructions about how to use the Opportunity Board. 

Opportunity Board Key

Click on the opportunity for more information: When scrolling through the opportunities you will initially see the organization name, the role, the industry they are a part of, and a link to their website. Please make sure to view the website for more information. 

Mentorship Tier: After clicking on the opportunity you will see what mentorship tier an opportunity is in. There is an explanation of what those tiers mean below. 

  • High mentorship is an opportunity where you will meet with the intern supervisor 1 or more times per week and have regular text and other digital communication with them. There will also be consistent invitations for the intern to join team meetings and other enrichment opportunities and introductions will be made with other members of the company. 
  • Medium mentorship is an opportunity where you will meet at least biweekly with the intern supervisor and have regular text and other digital communication with them. There will also be some exposure to team meetings and other enrichment opportunities.
  • Low mentorship is an opportunity where you will meet at least biweekly with the intern supervisor and have regular text and other digital communication with them.

Filtering Features: In order to aid with your search, there are a number of optional filtering features. An explanation of what each filter does is given below. 

  • Industry: This filters by what type of industry an opportunity is classified in. These are general categories and do not include all disciplines. 
  • Paid/Unpaid: This filters by whether an internship is paid or unpaid. Most internships that are low time commitments are unpaid.  
  • Mode: This filters by whether the internship is virtual, in-person, or hybrid. 
  • Age: This filters by the minimum age that a student must be to work with that opportunity. Role: This filters by the role title. These are general titles and do not encompass the entire role.
  • Hours: This filters by how many hours per week of work is required. You need to be 16+ in order to choose an opportunity that requires more than 15 hours of work per week. 
  • Season: This filters by what season the internship will be conducted in. Example: If an opportunity lists spring and summer, you can apply for that opportunity to start in either the spring or the summer. 
  • Level: This filters by what difficulty level an opportunity is classified in. Beginner is well suited for a first internship or volunteering experience. Intermediate is well suited for most high-achieving students. Advanced is well-suited for independent students with previous internship or volunteering experience.

Required Materials: You may be asked to provide additional material(s) along with your application. Below are some more details about what you might be required to submit. 

  • Writing Sample: This is a document that can be about any topic and should be around 1-3 pages double spaced. Usually, students choose an old essay or application. The purpose of a writing sample is that the opportunity wants to see your writing ability, so make sure to choose something that showcases your best writing ability! 
  • Previous Social Media Posts: Please take a screenshot, upload a video, or include a link for a past social media post. These can be from a personal account or an account you run for a club/activity. The purpose of social media posts is that the opportunity wants to see how you run a social media account, your understanding of Tik Tok trends, and/or your ability to grow followers, so choose a post that is aesthetically pleasing and show your number of followers if it is significant.
  • Graphic Design Project: This is a past project/activity where you had to use graphic design skills to make something. This can be something you created in Canva, Photoshop, or a similar design application. It can even be a flier that you created for a club or a Google Slides presentation. The purpose of a graphic design project is that the opportunity wants to see your graphic design skills, so choose something that shows off how great you are with graphic design! 
  • Coding Project: This is a past coding project that you have already completed. The purpose of a coding project is that the opportunity wants to see your coding skills/what you have previously accomplished. Choose a project that really showcases your skills! 

Questions About Step 2

  • Why is the website not working?

    Due to a large amount of activity, sometimes the website may react slowly. Be patient, reload the page, and try again later. If you are having consistent problems, and it is affecting your ability to meet your deadline, please contact your career consultant.

  • I cannot find 5 opportunities that I am interested in being matched with.

    Please first double-check that you have looked through all the options on the website. If you have done that and have still not found 5 opportunities that interest you, please contact your career consultant. Remember, you automatically forfeit your spot if you do not fill out your opportunity list within a week of your acceptance.

  • I am not qualified for any of these positions.

    You are probably more qualified than you think! The main qualifications that an opportunity uses are the list of prerequisite skills. Please check that list against the list that you created in your initial application form to find opportunities that you are qualified for. Our opportunities also understand that you are in high school and have not had much previous experience. Do not let your lack of previous experience discourage you from matching with an internship or volunteer experience!


Step 3: Submit Your Opportunity List

When you have found 5 opportunities that you are interested in being matched with, click on the apply button. You will then be taken to another page where you will officially apply to those opportunities. This application will be sent directly to the opportunities themselves, so please use proper grammar and sentence structure. 

Once you submit this form, you will hear back from StandOut Search within 3-4 weeks that you have been matched with an opportunity and that they are interested in interviewing you! This process can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks. In some cases, you may receive an email from us asking for you to fill out the form again if you either filled it out incorrectly or if all of your opportunities have already filled their positions. 

Questions About Step 3

  • How do I find the organization name and the name of the role?

    The organization name is the first title you see on the opportunity list. The role name is found underneath the organization name and usually ends with the word “intern.”

  • I do not have the required materials for a role. What should I do?

    If an opportunity requires additional material(s) then you will need to submit them. If you do not currently have the materials you may either create them or apply to a different opportunity. Remember, if you do decide to create the materials, you will still need to submit your opportunity list within a week of your acceptance.

  • It has been 4 weeks since I submitted my opportunity list, and I haven’t received an email from StandOut Search

    Please check your spam and inbox account for any emails from StandOut Search regarding your opportunity list. Remember that the email you submitted on your initial application is the email that StandOut Search will use to communicate with you.


Step 4: Complete the Training

Before you are allowed to interview with your opportunity match you will need to complete our internship and volunteer training. This training will be made available to you in your initial acceptance email, and the deadline for completing it is within 1 week after submitting your opportunity list.

Questions About Step 4

  • Where do I access the training materials?

    There is a link to the training materials in your initial acceptance email. You can also find them by clicking on the link here.

  • I received an email that I have matched with an opportunity but I cannot interview with them until I complete the training. What does this mean?

    This means that while you have been matched with an opportunity and they want to interview you, you will not be allowed to interview with them until you have completed your training. Once this email is sent, you will have 2 days to complete the training, or you will forfeit your interview spot.


Step 5: Interview

At this point you will have received an email from StandOut Search saying that you have been matched with an opportunity and that they would like to interview you. StandOut Search may match you with any of the opportunities you have chosen depending on the number of spots that the opportunities have available. You will have 2 days to respond to this email confirming that you are interested in accepting an internship or volunteer position with this opportunity. If you do not respond, you will forfeit your interview slot and will be removed from the program. Once you confirm that you are interested in this opportunity, StandOut Search will connect you with that opportunity within 24 hours. This connection will be done through the email that you provided in your initial application.

You must keep StandOut Search CC’d on all emails between you and the opportunity otherwise you will be dropped from the program. After you receive the connection email, please respond within 24 hours thanking them for the opportunity to interview with them, and provide your Calendly to make an interview time. If you are asked to provide additional times that you are available to interview please include the time, date, and time zone of the interview. The opportunity will have a week from the time of the connection to schedule an interview and a week post-interview to accept you or not. If the opportunity requires a second interview, this must also be scheduled within a week as well. Within 24 hours after the interview, please send the opportunity a thank you email. 

Within a week, the opportunity will decide whether to accept you or not. If the opportunity does not accept you, StandOut Search will contact you about what will happen next. Generally, the next steps will be to match you with a different opportunity. If the opportunity does accept you, you will have a week to decide if you would like to accept the offer or not. If you do not accept, you will not be matched with another internship or volunteer opportunity.

Questions About Step 5

  • I do not know how to CC someone. What should I do?

    It is really simple to CC someone! When you are writing an email there is a line below the “To:” that is titled “CC:” Include the email of whoever you want to CC on that line, and you will CC them. When responding to emails, click “reply all,” and StandOut Search will continue to be CC’d.

  • My opportunity is not responding to me. What should I do?

    First, check what part of the process you are in. 

    If you are currently scheduling an interview: Wait 48 hours and then send a follow-up email asking if they received your earlier email. If another 48 hours has passed without a response, StandOut Search will follow up. 

    If you are supposed to have an interview now: Send another email asking them how to connect to the interview and wait 10 minutes. If you do not hear a response, contact your career consultant. 

    If you are waiting for a decision after the interview: Wait a week from the time of the interview. If you still do not hear a response, contact your career consultant.

  • I responded saying that I was interested in the opportunity but then never received the connection email. What should I do?

    First, check whether it has been 24 hours since you responded. Sometimes this may take up to 48 hours if you respond on the weekend. Then if you still do not receive an email, check your spam and your inbox. Finally, if you still have not received an email, contact your Career Consultant.


Step 6: Complete the Program

Once you decide to accept the opportunity, send an email back saying that you accept. Do not forget to always CC StandOut Search when communicating with your opportunity. 

After your acceptance, StandOut Search will contact you about the offboarding process and how to complete the program. 

As part of participating in this program, you agree that you will complete surveys of your internship or volunteer experience every other week as well as once the internship or volunteer experience is complete. Students who do not complete these surveys will be pulled out of their internship.

Questions About Step 6

  • What do I do now that I have accepted and completed the offboarding process?

    Congratulations on accepting a position! It is now your responsibility to contact your opportunity and decide on a start date. Remember to always follow up after 3-4 days if you do not hear back from your opportunity. At this stage, you no longer have to CC StandOut Search on all communications.

  • I would like to do a second internship with StandOut Search

    That’s great to hear! Right now, we are only allowing students to do one internship or volunteer experience with our beta program. Please do apply again though once our next cohort opens up! 

    Do make sure to also indicate in our surveys that you would like to do another internship or volunteer opportunity as that will assist in your future application process.

  • I think my friend would really like this, can I refer them?

    Yes definitely! In the off boarding survey there will be space to refer StandOut Search to friends. If you have already completed that feel free to send your friend the application link directly! 

    Application Link:

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