Steps of the Matching Process

First, we ask for opportunities to fill out our ten-minute form with their internship description. Then we schedule a 15-minute Zoom interview and crash course on how to provide a good internship experience. After this, we will put your internship description on our search platform so students can see it. 

It generally takes about a month to two months during the Spring season for us to find a qualified student who is excited about your mission. Once we do, we will send you a brief description of their background and why they want to intern at your organization along with a few work samples (i.e a graphic design, social media, coding, or writing sample). If there are multiple students interested in your opportunity we will send you an email every Tuesday listing all interested candidates. 

Once you receive an email from StandOut Search with the information of an interested candidate(s) you will have a week to decide whether to interview them or not. We will then connect you with the student within 48 hours so you can schedule an interview. IMPORTANT: Keep us CC’ed on all communications with the student before you accept or reject them so we can track their progress finding an internship. Many of our students already have Calendly’s set up with their availability. 

We ask that you schedule an interview within at most three weeks of the connection and that you decide if you would like to extend an offer to a student or not within a week of the interview. If you choose to extend an offer, please include rough start and end dates for the opportunity. Be sure to also reiterate if the opportunity is paid or unpaid. Once they receive an offer, students will have one week to accept. 

Over the course of the internship, we will check in with you at regular intervals to make sure the internship is going well and help anywhere we can. These check-ins are essential for us as we attempt to raise more money and turn StandOut Search into a national program.

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