SOS - Student Intern

Terms Of Service

In all future references, the Internship Placement Coordinator (IPC) will refer to employees of StandOut Search (SOS), the student will refer to the person who is being matched with an internship, and Professional Provider will refer to the company or organization that is taking on an intern. 

HelloCollege (HC) has partnered with StandOut Search to provide internship opportunities for eligible HC students. Internship Placement Coordinators match students with internships. The student agrees to meet with the IPC  to discuss their interests. After the meeting, the student agrees to read through the list of the provided opportunities and rank their top five opportunities.

The IPC  will send the student’s resume to their top choice. If the student’s first choice is not a match, the IPC will reach out to the second through 5th choices sequentially until a Professional Provider is interested in interviewing the student. 

If a Professional Provider agrees to interview the student, the IPC will coordinate an interview with the Professional Provider, who will then decide if the student receives the internship or not. 

If the interview is not successful, SOS  agrees to continue going through the student’s list of choices until a successful match is made. 

The student agrees to copy their IPC on all emails to their Professional Provider before the internship officially begins.

The student understands that StandOut Search is purely a matching service. The student also agrees that once a student has successfully accepted an internship from a Professional Provider, HC and StandOut Search will have no involvement in anything that happens afterward and is not legally liable for any violation of the student’s rights. The student and PP also agree to follow all international, federal, and state internship and child labor laws, and if any laws, internship or otherwise, are broken during the internship, HC and StandOut Search are not liable. All international students also agree to not do any work for the Professional Provider while in the United States in order to comply with international visa regulations. 

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