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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the matching process look like?

    1. Fill out our form to receive a list of internships that match your interests.
    2. Receive a text message showing our opportunities made just for you.
    3. Meet with your personal career consultant, a student from a top university who will guide you through the matching process.
    4. Rank your top opportunities.
    5. Get connected directly with your top choice opportunities for interviews until we find a match!
  • Are your internships virtual or in-person?

    Given that we are only just coming out of the pandemic, most of our opportunities are virtual. However, if you happen to be in the same geographic location as one of our virtual opportunities, you are welcome to pursue it in person with the approval of the internship provider. 

  • Are your internships paid or unpaid?

    At any given time, about 95% of the opportunities in our portfolio will be unpaid, and 5% will be paid. For context, very few companies and organizations offer paid internships to high school students. Generally, paid opportunities are with larger organizations such as NASA and tend to have competitive application cycles starting in December or January. In some cases, if you choose to intern with a company for a long period of time you can transfer from an internship to a paid position. 

  • Who are your internship providers?

    Most of our internships are with nonprofits and startups based at top universities. We also have a selection of opportunities at firms and private practices in high-barrier-to-entry industries such as finance, VC, law, and medicine. We advise that most students begin with a nonprofit or startup as these organizations tend to be small and unbureaucratic. This structure gives students significant autonomy to “own” the projects they work on and allows them to sample different roles depending on their interests. 

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